We’re redesigning the terminal to make it quicker and easier for all passengers

No matter where you fly from, you'll always have to queue at check in, hang around in security or face a long walk to your gate, right? Wrong.

LLA is already one of the quickest and most convenient places to fly from. Unlike other London airports you don't have to remember which terminal you're departing from – all our passengers pass through our one central building. Our compact site means that there are no long walks to gates, with friendly staff always on hand to help.

And now we want to make the experience for passengers even quicker and more convenient. Take a 360 tour.

We're changing our layout to make the terminal even simpler to navigate. Security has been relocated downstairs with new equipment installed to speed up security checks. The area will be expanded further to increase the number of security lanes. Our extended lounge will give you more space to relax in. New wayfinding will make it easy to know where to go. We will be speeding up procedures and reducing waiting times, allowing you to get to your flight quicker than ever.

And it's not just inside the terminal building that you'll notice the difference. We're also upgrading transport links outside the terminal to ensure your journey is as simple and efficient as possible.

Whether you're flying out or arriving, our redesigned terminal will ensure that LLA is always the most friendly and convenient option for all our passengers.

We've introduced new Auto Bag Drop terminals and more electronic passport gates.